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Service: Irrigation System Spring Startup

After a long Ohio winter, your lines have likely felt the freeze and thaw cycles multiple times throughout the season. Now that spring is finally here, we need to make sure your pipes and valves have survived the chill and are ready to begin their job of automatically watering you lawn, plants, and trees with just the right amount of water and just the right times of the day and week.

We’ll begin by gradually opening the valves to slowly allow water into the pipes. Doing this too quickly can cause a forceful release of pressure that will damage the pipes and valves.

Next, we will head to the controller to verify that each valve is functioning properly. We’ll also inspect each zone to determine if all the sprinkler heads are operating as expected.

We’ll then program, or re-program your system for automatic irrigation throughout the season and replace the backup battery if necessary.

Finally, if your system has a rain or moisture sensor, we’ll get that uncovered and cleaned for you as well.

Doing this process each spring will prolong the systems life and ensure it’s always running at its most efficient.

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