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Frequently Asked Question

These are the questions that our customers usually ask.

Will an irrigation system use an enormous amount of water?

At Aqualawn we design irrigation systems specifically for the landscaping of your property. It will only use the amount of water needed to keep your plants and grass alive and healthy; not a drop more. Often, our systems use far less water than the property owner was previously using. The guesswork is removed and money is saved. You can contact your water department for specifics on your property’s water usage. Ask them if there will be winter averaging on your bill or if they will use the readings of a second meter. This will help you plan and budget accordingly.

Does an irrigation system really save time?

Here’s a question right back at you: how much time to you spend throughout the year watering your lawn by hand? ALL that time is saved; even when you’re on vacation, the system waters, as necessary, so you don’t have to come home and try to play catch-up.

Isn’t watering by hand better?

Our answer is ‘no’. We know this from experience. Different types of shrubs, grasses, flowers, and gardens, all require different levels of water and even watering at different intervals. Watering by hand can get really complicated, and often a property owner can easily irrigate to much or too little causing damage to the soil and surrounding plantings. With an irrigation system, the guesswork is gone and each zone is watered according to its specific needs.

I live in a shady area; do I need an irrigation system?

Plants that thrive in shade are dependent on nutrient-rich soil. This includes water. While they need less water than sun-loving plants, they still need the right amount of water delivered at the right intervals for optimum health. A drip-irrigation system takes care of this requirement like clockwork, giving your plants a stress-free, damage-free life.

Can I install an irrigation system on my own?

Um, sure. You can also pull your own tooth and set your own broken bones, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Our technicians are highly trained and hands-on experienced, so designing an irrigation specific to your property will be well-thought out and will cover all the “you don’t know what you don’t know things” that you don’t know. And because we use a process that doesn’t scratch giant scars into your yard, you can put away your trench-digging spade.

Will I save money with a DIY installation?

That old adage “if you want something done right, do it yourself” comes to mind here, but we’ve seen far too many property owners regretting that decision. You just aren’t saving any money if the installation is botched, despite your best efforts, and now you have to call a professional to repair the damage. Hours of searching the How-To’s online, equipment rental, Uncle Bill’s who-needs-instructions-anyway attitude and a jug of Tums is just not worth the DIY headache. It will almost surely cost you in the end!

How do I choose the right contractor for the job?

Due Diligence is important when hiring any contractor for any project large or small. Look for a professional who has not only the training but also the years of experience that qualify him for the job. All those years of hands-on, real world installations will have seasoned him and honed his skill. No two properties are the same. Make sure he comes to your property before bidding the job. How else can he know the extent of your lawn’s very specific needs? And don’t be swayed by the “lowest bidder” mentality. You don’t want someone who is cutting corners in order to cut his prices. Find someone with quality equipment, tools, and trucks; trained and professional personnel in clean uniforms, and willingness to talk candidly with you about process and costs. You know, like the Aqualawn guys ... just saying.

How much does an irrigation system cost?

That’s not an easy number to average out. It is dependent on the size of the property, the typed of landscaping, the diverse irrigation needs of the property, and the products used. Give us a call and once we understand the project, we’ll talk straight with you.

Is there a lot of maintenance in an irrigation system’s upkeep?

Lucky for you, at Aqualawn we handle all the maintenance your system will need. Generally speaking we will winterize your system to ensure that pipes don’t burst in the frigid temps and we’ll get it ready to begin irrigating again in the spring. Your part is minimal at best.

How long will my system last?

We use the highest quality products in building your irrigation system from top-of-the-line dealers like Rain Bird, Hunter, and Toro. Each product comes with its own set of guarantees. With proper maintenance, we’ve seen irrigation systems with a life-span of better than 20 years.

I have a sloping yard. Will an irrigation system flood my property?

No, not if the system is designed properly. At Aqualawn we have several options for designing a system that accounts for the grade of the slope, the type of soil in your yard, and the size of the area. We lay lines and calculate the amount of water dispersed and at what intervals will all prevent property flooding.

Will an irrigation system be useful in a yard with hard clay?

Clay absorbs water at a very slow rate, so a system for a yard with a high clay concentration will be designed with that in mind. Any soil type can benefit from an irrigation system. Its consistent delivery of the right amount of water and the right times will ensure a beautiful landscape. At Aqualawn we design systems that prevent run-off, erosion, and soil puddling.

I have various types of plants and trees throughout my yard that need different levels of water. Can an irrigation system handle these inequalities?

Yep. That’s the beauty of it. We tell the system when to water, how much to water, and where to water. Just think how “green” that makes you! And you can just sit back and enjoy the results.

Will installation tear up my yard and damage my current landscaping?

Some irrigation companies will dig giant trenches that then require cosmetic procedures to cover up. At Aqualawn we have awesome equipment that will slice narrow cuts, just big enough to place the lines in and your yard bears no lasting damage. We promise to keep you looking good!