Lawn Care Services

Plush Lawns and Landscapes

Whether you need spaces for entertaining, kid-friendly areas for playing ball, a backdrop to showcase your gardens, or a way to make your business property more appealing and professional, Aqualawn will make it happen!

Our trained and experienced professional team has the skill and the creativity to bring the right solutions to your door, whatever your landscaping and irrigation needs are.

With proper installation and maintenance, Aqualawn’s irrigation systems can be counted on to last season after season.

When you start coming up with new landscaping ideas once you see the beautiful results of automatic irrigation, we can help you there, too.

Our Services Include:


No two yards look exactly the same; neither should their irrigation systems. It’s important that your system is designed specifically for your property to get the most cost-saving, efficient solution.


Installing a sprinkler system takes skill and precision. Our team has installed hundreds of systems gaining a deep knowledge of each type of system, the different installation methods of particular brands, and the best practices required for each component.


After a long Ohio winter, your lines have likely felt the freeze and thaw cycles multiple times throughout the season. We need to make sure your pipes and valves have survived the chill and are ready to begin their job of automatically watering your lawn, plants, and trees.


Aqualawn’s technicians will winterize your system each year by ensuring that no water is left in the lines. If water remains, it will most certainly freeze and cause costly damage to the lines and fittings.


General wear and tear along with weather conditions can impact your systems efficiency over the years. Sometimes accidents happen, too, with renovations or heavy landscaping. Aqualawn is only a phone call away.


Many of our customers have come to us with an existing irrigation system. We may be able to devise a plan to effectively add to or rearrange the current configuration of your system, rather than installing a completely new one.

Aqualawn and The Grounds Guys of Toledo

We began providing lawn and landscaping services as franchise owners of the landscape management company, The Grounds Guys of Toledo in 2010. This perfect combination of services allows us to offer our greater Toledo, Ohio area clients a one-stop-shop for every type of lawn care needed.

Contact us when you need:

  • Simple maintenance like mowing and general care
  • Complete irrigation systems, upkeep, and repair
  • Trees, shrubbery, and plants
  • Patios, porches, walkways, and retaining walls
  • Water features
  • Snow removal services

The Grounds Guys of Toledo

To learn more about the skill and expertise our landscaping and irrigation professionals bring to the table, click here. Tell us about your project and let us begin helping you achieve the carefree beauty you deserve, today. Call us at 419.861.5296(LAWN) or message us to get started.