Thinking About Installing a Lawn Irrigation System?


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Just imagine your lawn and landscape:

Trees are showing off full branches of foliage, the sweat equity in your gardens is paying off in waves of colors and scents, and the grass is thick and vibrant in hues of deep green.

  • Your neighbors are jealous.
  • Your family thinks you’re a landscape god.
  • And your best friend hates you for setting the bar so high.

The Secret of Irrigation Systems

If only they knew the secret to a beautiful landscape: Water. But not just water; the right amount of water. And at the right time. It can be tricky business getting it just right, and who has time for that? When we install an irrigation system on your property, it takes the guesswork, and time, out of the equation, and just leaves you with a beautiful lawn to enjoy.

Aqualawn’s Sprinkler Systems Have Been Growing Gorgeous Landscapes Since 2003

Aqualawn’s sprinkler systems are custom designed for your property’s footprint and your lawn’s specific care needs. Located in Holland, Ohio, we use the highest quality equipment from the most reliable sources.

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